Bikinis and Swimwear
Micro Bikinis

Micro bikini is a common swimwear and beachwear in most of the western countries especially during summer seasons. A micro bikini is an ultra skimpy bathing suit that is worn as swimwear or during beach parties. The clothing is designed to cover a very small part of the skin leaving the major part of the body exposed. In fact some of the designs are very sparse and are not allowed to be worn on public beaches in some countries especially in Africa and Asia where people are very observant of their traditions.

Micro bikini

It is therefore illegal to wear a micro bikini in the countries where nude sunbathing is not allowed. However, it is worth noting that micro bikinis were first introduced in the 1970s as response to laws in some countries that banned nude sunbathing on public beaches. They were introduced to cover only what the law defined as nudeness and nothing more.

Micro bikinis are available in different design for both women and men. In most cases, a micro bikini for women constitute of only two tiny pieces of fabric to cover the nipples and a skimpy, low cut thong bottom. On the other hand, a micro bikini for men constitutes of a small fabric to cover the bottom and a small pouch-like upfront to cover the genitals. For those who are bold enough to expose almost all parts of their bodies while swimming or in the beach, there are some micro bikinis that are even skimpier and instead of having strips of cloth, they are made up of a thin fishing wire or other nearly invisible materials that hold small pieces of fabric together. Some micro bikini designs do not even cover the genitalia. They are so tiny and so low cut in the front that the wearers expose their private parts. Some of the micro bikinis are transparent and one can see through. Some male micro bikinis are more like “socks” that are designed to cover and hold the male genitalia in a form and fitting-fashion.

Micro bikinis are currently a common swimwear among the young adults who are bold enough to expose their great body looks. For those who wear them, majority point out that micro bikini is suitable especially for sun baths and allows an individual to expose all body the parts to the sunlight. They are romantic and appropriate for lovers and those in honeymoons. Common wearers of micro bikinis include model, celebrities, movie stars and other young adults with great body looks. It is worth noting that other than during swimming and beach parties, micro bikinis have also currently worn during body building competitions. Most of the bodybuilders wear micro bikini swimsuits in order to show off as much of their muscles as possible. Currently there are many companies that have specialized in the manufacture of bikinis and one can buy a micro bikini in most of the stalls selling swimsuits and beachwear. Additionally, some manufacturers provide more tailor made services to their customers and one can book his/her micro bikini and have it shipped to his/her residence. Micro bikinis are pocket friendly and prices vary depending on the design and the fabric used.

All you need to know about Brazilian bikinis

Just as the name suggests, Brazilian bikinis originated from Brazil. Before they gained global recognition, this swimwear is mainly worn by women on the beaches of Brazil. They have since gained widespread popularity in Europe and Latin America, where the society is more permissive to nudity. Brazilian bikinis can be classified in two broad categories. There are the authentic Brazilian bikinis bought in Brazil and similar versions in other countries. The traditional Brazilian bikinis sit higher up your waist than the other versions and show significantly much more of your butt.

Before purchasing any type of bikini you have to consider several factors. The most crucial thing is that you pick something you will not feel embarrassed to wear. There is no point in wearing a Brazilian bikini if it makes you feel trashy. These bikini bottoms and top cuts are very skimpy, and you need to be very careful before donning one; especially if you are overweight or have marks and scars around your behind area. Brazilian bikinis come in a variety of colors and styles. Some might have ornamentation or ties. Choose what you think best brings out your personality and style.

Unlike thongs and G-strings, Brazilian bikini bottoms do not expose the behind entirely. To get a clearer picture, try to imagine something between a G-string and a normal or American bikini. Of all the bikini types in the market today, this variety of bikinis offers the least coverage of your bottom. There are basically three types of Brazilian bikini bottoms; tanga, asa delta and fio delta. The asa delta almost resembles a thong and covers very little compared to the tanga. The fio delta looks like the size of dental floss as it moves slowly between the wearer’s buttocks.

Just like the bottom cuts, Brazilian bikini tops cover very little flesh. These bikini tops come in three varieties; bandeau, halter and triangle. The bandeau resembles an elastic tube and is worn through the head up to the chest area. This type has no ties at the back or neck. The triangle type is scanty and covers a smaller portion of the breasts. It is made up of the ties and two cup shapes that cover the breasts. The halter is made of more fabric and is cinched near the neck area to ensure that the bosom does not fall out of the suit.

Wearing this type of bikini requires a woman to have an enormous amount of self-confidence and belief. If you are not confident enough of your body, then wear these bikinis only for sunbathing or in private. You have to remember that whichever type you choose, Brazilian bikinis cover the least amount of your flesh. Add that to the option of having a see-through fabric bikini and very little can be left to the viewer’s imagination. To be on the safe side, before going to a public place or beach, always carry with you an extra regular bikini if your Brazilian type is off-limits.

Swimwear Varieties

Swimwear can be clothes which are worn by either women or men when swimming. They can also be swimsuits, swim clothes or swim attires.There are classified into different categories or types depending on; color, styles or designs and even sizes.

Nowadays, types of swimwear are bought by individuals, according to his or her like. There are those swim wears which are one-piece and are mostly worn by adults. While teens prefer to wear Bikinis and Tankinis can either be worn by adults or young ones.

One piece styles, are those swim wears, which vary from full coverage and plain to revealing and colorful. Sometimes back, they used to be fairly plain, but nowadays, they have become very showy and most attractive. If someone cannot like other types of swim wears, she is advised to go for one piece, since they are nice, stylish and can keep you feel very young and sexy.

Bikinis are swimwear, which have been designed in so many styles today. They have a string top, for tying and even tightening as well. You can either buy or choose, those ones which have a fully cover or barely cover. Since bottoms have the same styles and sizes, many people like; scoops and hip stars which are full or moderate .Moreover, these types of swim wears, have thong bikinis. Whereby, micro bikini is designed to be two inches at the widest point. While Brazilian, is made in a style which shows more of the back and the front part also. This makes them to have a unique style.

On top of the above, there are shorts for girls and boys. Girls shorts can be differentiated from those of boys, because they are tight, while for men are of either full or moderate coverage.

Tankini, are other types of swimwear, which are preferred by all people. It can be adults and teenagers. Designers, make them in a way, which can go past person’s belly button, and stop under the chest. In most cases, they are paired with regular bikinis bottoms, so you can pair them with any style you want.

All the above types of swimwear, they have become popular to our beautiful women. They have various functions and make one to feel more comfortable in them. They are very light, so no weight added when swimming in water.

Since, swimming is one of the oldest sporting activities; it will only be best enjoyed if you will have a swimwear, which is made from special fabrics, in order to provide the body hugging counters, hence no absorption of water.

However, full body swimwear is considered to be less advantageous compared to partial swimwear. When they are worn; only the head, hands and feet will be exposed. Sometimes they are preferred, if the climatic conditions are cold or when water temperatures are low, so as to provide better insulation. Alternatively, they are the best for Muslims, and recommended by their religion to be worn by ladies or women.

Shopping For That Perfect Bikini

It’s summer time or bathing suit season and every woman want to flaunt the bikini body! Buying the right bikini that genuinely makes you look appetizing can be a hard nut to crack but believe me,you don’t have to worry after reading this article.

Bikinis are fashionable and attractive,they come with different shapes and size.

Large percent of women are concerned about their appearance in bikinis,and that is why it’s always essential to take time when buying a bikini.

You need to select a bikini that best fits your body size and that you will be comfortable with.

All bodies are beautiful and nothing or no one should make you feel lousy about your body size or shape.

Women have different body shapes and,when picking a bikini,it’s very important you be aware of your body shape. You can look smashing in any bikini,but having the right one is the beginning of outstanding looks.

I will discuss various body shapes here,and this will help you buy a bikini of your choice.

The Hourglass Figure.

Women with this kind of figure have busts measurements remarkably close to their hips. They have defined waists and halter or triangle bikinis are the best.
The bikini shows off your best features and makes your body symmetrical. Halter top is also good if you have wide chest as it will clearly show off your curves,but if you are skinny,string bikini will best fit you. Make sure the top and bottom matches as mixing the colors will make your body look disproportional.

Triangular body shape.

Women with this kind of body shape are heavy on lower side of their body and,their hips are usually large than the bust.

Because your bust is small, a bikini top that has caps will be the best and also,consider a bikini that will broaden your shoulders. A partened bikini and, Demi-bra style are also suitable for this kind of figure but avoid tops that are not ftting. The top should have adjustable strings and you should avoid tops with too much fabric.

Inverted Triangle body shape.

For those women who are blessed with big shoulders,string bikinis will look fabulous in you. Halter top will be good as it will support your big bust and the lines of the halter will minimize your shoulders.

Strapless top will not work out for you,but a thick fabric will give you comfort as you will not show off too much.

It’s not necessarily you match the top and bottom because you will always need a bigger top than a bottom. Take advantage of your body shape as you are one of the few lucky who can wear tiny string bottoms.

Rectangular body shape.

This shape is characterized by proportional hips, lack of defined waist and broad shoulders. Look for a suit that balance your whole body,monokinis and cute tankini will draw attention to your hips and give you clear waistline.

Plus Size Figure.

If you have a plus size figure,you can also flaunt your body like other women. Having a swim suit wear will compliment your figure and,always look for something that will conceal unwanted curves.

Get the right swim suit that best fits your body and you will always feel comfortable and elegance.

The Advantages of One Pieces - Making a Comeback

Given the popularity of bikinis and tankinis in recent years, you’d be forgiven for thinking that one piece swimwear outfits are only to be seen in Olympic swimming pools. However, one piece swimwear designs are experiencing something of a resurgence with many women already wise to the benefits of opting for an all-in-one swimming costume.

Lidia One Piece

Traditionally, one piece swimwear came in plain designs, drab patterns and unflattering ruffles and skirts. They were the fail safe fallback for women wanting to hide love handles or unsightly stomachs. In contrast two piece bikinis grew bigger in popularity and smaller in coverage.

However, like their two piece counterparts, one piece swim suits can be flattering on all body shapes. Now available in an ever increasing range of stylish designs, a one piece swimming costume is the ideal option for women wanting to make a stylish entrance on to the beach yet remain modestly covered up.

One piece swimwear can be just as sexy as a bikini and arguably even more so. Cut-out one piece swim suits are particularly popular, perhaps due to the ‘tease’ factors with the cut-outs strategically placed on key area’s of a woman’s body: hips, lower back, stomach and bust areas. Cut-out bikinis offer the sexiness of a traditional bikini but still offer reassuring coverage.

Today’s all-in-one swim suits can be particularly daring and flirtatious. Plunging necklines and high leg cuts on one piece swimwear allows women the opportunity to show off their best assets, be it long legs or bust line, whilst covering up areas of the body they are not as confident

When picking out your perfect one piece swimwear outfit, there are a few rules you should follow to ensure a flattering result:

Opt for a swimming costume with underwire support - for a flattering and comfortable look you need to ensure your bust if fully supported. There are many swim suits with a built in underwire system designed for the full busted woman.

Choose the right colour and pattern - when buying an all-in-one, your aim is to pick an outfit that enhances your curves and assets. Some patterns can end up taking attention away from your curves so be sure to try on a variety of designs and styles.

Ensure the costume fits perfectly - your one piece outfit should be fitted all over with no material bunching up around the stomach. The key benefit of an all-in-one swim suit is that it clings to your curves giving the illusion of a hourglass figure, so be sure to take advantage of this by opting for a properly fitted costume.

One piece swimwear costumes are definitely back in fashion. With an increasing variety of designs on offer, all-in-one outfits no longer lose out to bikinis on the sexiness scale. When choosing your ideal one piece, be sure to take heed of key rules to help you pick the most flattering outfit for you. Whichever swim wear choice you eventually opt for, the secret to looking good in it is confidence in yourself.

How To Be A Godess in a Bikini!

All women wear swimwear that are trending in today’s fashion. Trends in fashion, even with beach wears are constantly changing every year. Last year’s trend will not be as popular as this year’s. Every woman must have a selection of beachwear or swimwear in her closet. Considering the global warming, there will be many opportunities to wear a two piece, at poolside parties or the beach. Most women wear bikinis because they look sexy and they feel good. It improves their self confidence when they see that they look beautiful with their bikini. Today, there is a popular trend of bikinis, the single shoulder or the one sided style. Very unconventional, but definite classy. You will feel like you are walking on the catwalk.

Women consider a sexy swimwear very important because it shows that she has a great figure and she is proud to show it off to other women. You can tell that a woman is proud of what she is wearing by the way she walks, with her head high in the air, shoulders pulled back, and the swaying of her hips. She gets the attention she deserves with all the ah’s and oh’s, especially from the male onlookers. If you are ultra-daring, you can wear a flesh toned two piece to create an illusion of nudeness. Men will surely take a second look.

The style of the bikini also improves the personality of a woman. If she is daring, she will always choose to wear the g-strings because it is very revealing. If she has the figure to flaunt, why not? But for those, who are not so daring, there are dozens and dozens of bikinis to choose from.

However, there are some women who do not really care what kind of beachwear or swimwear they are using. There are women who cover themselves completely, or wear t-shirts that are oversized to cover their shorts. But if you observe them in the beach, most likely they will be avoiding the crowds, and trying not to get attention. Despite what they say about not giving a care, the truth is, they do care because they feel embarrassed.

If a woman knows how to dress herself to the beach or swimming pool, she will always feel confident. Even if your figure is not as good as the others, they way you wear your swimwear is important. So, choose the right bikini for you.

The sexiest bikini for you would be the style that is appropriate for your body type. If you have smaller breasts, buy the padded bikini tops. Some women prefer wired tops to give their breasts a boost and shape. If you want a little boost in your hips or butts, a sheered skirt can make you sexy while hiding those cellulites. So, search carefully and thoughtfully for the bikini that suits you, makes you very comfortable and proud of your figure. The key is confidence and you can achieve confidence when you wear a sexy swimwear. So what are you waiting for?

Brazil on Swimwear - Why Brazil is the King of Bikinis

Brazil National Flag

Having around five thousand miles of beach adorning the borders of the country, it’s no doubt that swimwear in Brazil is extremely popular. Women from all parts of the country sizzle in various kinds of swimwear on the beaches of the country. The Brazilian designers have set a high fashion trend in the field of swimwear and have raised the style quotient very high.

Swimwear in Brazil simply means various kinds of bikinis. These are worn by women of all shapes and sizes irrespective of their ages. The way they carry out the bikini is what makes them look fabulous. The variety of colors, styles and sizes available makes the Brazilian swimwear popular around the world. The swimwear is sweet and sexy at the same time. This combination makes them appealing and helps them to maintain their popularity.

One of the most stylish Brazilian swimsuit options is a halter neck top with wide straps. These swimsuits are very popular with those women who have larger busts. The built-in support system of the bikinis helps the women to carry off the bikini with style and confidence.

Another style which is immensely popular is the Brazilian cut bikini. This bikini covers a moderate area of the breast of a woman. The covering is such that one may think that the clothing would some off at the slightest movement. The fabric at the back is shaped like a triangle. This bikini imparts a sexy and alluring look to the woman wearing it.

Micro bikinis are one of the emerging trends in the swimwear industry. They cover as little as possible of the body of the woman. Both the top and the bottom of the bikini are very revealing. It becomes very essential for women to remove their public hair before wearing a micro bikini and going out on the beach. The bottoms of the bikini are known as Fio Dental, Tanga and Asa Delta. Asa Delta is similar to that of a thong while Tanga covers a minimal part of the back. Fio Dental resembles a dental floss and it slides between the buttocks of the women. There are three types of bikini tops available which are halter, triangle and bandeau. Whatever type of top and bottom a woman can choose, the macro bikinis are very revealing and therefore, women should have a good figure and confidence to carry off the bikini in style.

There are many women who may have got bored with wearing bikinis. For them the athletic looking Tankinis are the ideal ones to sport. They not only provide a sporty look to the woman but also make her look attractive. Tankinis are ideal for those women who want to cover the stomach area. Tankinis are preferred by pregnant women who get more space in the middle area than they get in the traditional bikinis.

Swimwear in Brazil comes in various shapes, sizes and styles. A toned body, lots of confidence is the two essential aspects that the women should have before they wear a bikini and hit the beach.

The Five Top Bikini Beaches

There are many beaches around the world but there are a few bikini beaches that are among the best. These beaches consist of great view, beautiful girls, amazaing nightlife, local bars and nightclubs that provide the best entertainment.

Some of the beaches have such a nice view that it seems more like a dream then a reality. Spending time at these beaches is good and there are some very good water sport activites also available at some of the beaches that can be interesting. There is nothing better then lying down on a beach, enjoying a drink and having a great view.

The top 5 best bikini beaches are listed below: -

1) South beach
2) Copacabana beach
3) Seven mile beach
4) Bondi beach
5) Palm beach

1) South beach: - South beach is located in Miami Florida, USA and it is known for its bathing beauties. Throughout the year, many tourist and people come to this beach. The different colors of swimsuits along with the bars and nightclubs create an extraordinary environment. There are a lot of hotels and restaurants so a person is never limited to only a few options.

2) Copacabana beach: - It is located in Rio de Janerio, Brazil. The beach consists of a gorgeous view along with crystal clear water and the beautiful Brazilian models. The samba music is on all day and anyone would enjoy on this beach. The music is so good that it can make anyone dance even though the person would not have danced in their entire life.

3) Seven-mile beach: - It is located in Negril, Jamaica. There are a lot of water sports and activities on the beach that are very entertaining but the best part is to lie down, relax and enjoy one of the most beautiful views. Color full swimsuits and beautiful women are also part of this beach.

4) Bondi beach: - There are a lot of surfers on this beach and if you possess good skills at so surely one of the ladies may get impressed by it. The temperature at the beach is high. This is one of the beaches that deserves to be called the best bikini beach due to the reason that in 2007, the golden sands of bondi had organized 1010 bikini ladies which did set the record into the Guinness book of world records of having the largest swim suit photo shoot in the history.

5) Palm beach: - This beach is located in Aruba. It consists of white sand, sapphire water along with very beautiful ladies and sunsets. This island is like a paradise and it do not seem to be real to eyes. There are a lot of activities around the beach and amazing nightlife. The best part of the stay at the beach is to rest back, have a drink and enjoy one of the most amazing views that are available. It’s like one of those dreams that a person never expect to come true. This beach is one of those beaches that should be visited if a person is fond of visiting the bikini beaches.

The Amazing History of Bikini Fashion

For this generation, bikinis are a staple - the centerpiece of every lady’s summer ensemble. Over the years, different styles and variations have emerged. There are perhaps as many different bikini designs as there is too little a cloth that is used in today’s bikinis.

Everyone who has the knack, nerve and jaw to reveal their bodies know no second thoughts on wearing a bikini. It is, however, not surprising if the sight of bikini-clad ladies do not humor or fancy grandmothers and a lot of older women. While the ladies gape in envy over another girl’s prized bikini-covered possessions, and men shamelessly gape at the beauty of the female body, the older generations grimace and scowl at the skimpy article of clothing. That is because, no matter how forever the bikini seemed, it hasn’t been around that long. Well, not long enough for grandma to appreciate that is!

The modern bikini finds its roots and etymology in the mid 1940s, just a little after the end of the Second World War. There are two main people who are attributed for the rise of today’s bikini, two French men Jacques Heim and Louis Reard. Their stories are interconnected, yes, and perhaps born out of a marketing and sales competition.
Bikini Swiwmear
First there was Jacques Heims, who created what he called the ‘smallest swimsuit’, which he named the ‘Atome’. The creation of small swimsuits during this awakening age between conservativeness and liberalism was due in part to the government’s orders of limiting the cloth ration intended for women’s swimwear. Heims’ version was made of a mere 8-ounce piece of cloth on two pieces of garments.

Meanwhile, Louis Reard had a similar idea. Who copied who is a mystery - if anyone actually copied. Reard was an engineer who was managing his mother’s lingerie store in France. He was looking for new things to put in the shop until the idea came to him. He made a two-piece swimsuit that has even smaller pieces of cloth in them. He called it the ‘Bikini’, named after the Bikini Atoll where tests on the atomic bomb were made prior that. He nicknamed his invention ‘smaller than the smallest swimsuit’.

To allude to explosions seemed the right thing for Reard to do, as the reception of the Bikini was a little too explosive. The always fashion-forward French ladies especially those belonging to the upper class had no problems wearing them. But the ladies in nearby Spain and Portugal who were strictly Catholic did not get a chance to wear the new swimming garments as their countries banned its use. Even the US market did not initially find the new design acceptable.

The Role of the Mainstream Media

It wasn’t until the known female icons and celebrities at the time the likes of Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe and Anita Ekberg among others wore bikinis upfront and used them in movies and pinup posters that the ladies have begun to find the bikinis interesting and fashionable enough. Even more so, when the song ‘Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini’ by Brian Hyland came out and became a hit in 1960, women all over the US went on a crazy bikini shopping frenzy.

Today, due largely to the fact that mainstream media and its personalities have become so open about bikinis, and more women finding liberation in wearing these garments, bikini sales have recorded a more than $800 million annual sales by the mid 2000s according to a recognized consumer group. No matter how many grandmothers disagree on the use of the modern day bikini, that is not stopping many of today’s women from buying them. It is kind of exciting to see where today’s bikini is headed to.

How Micro Bikinis Are Taking The World By Storm

Since it’s very first discharge within the style globe within the earlier fifties the actual swimsuit was a non-stop strike, from seashores as well as vacation hotels worldwide. Assisted together through the popular tune ‘Yellow Polka dot Bikini’ within 1960, ladies almost everywhere cherished the bikini and still do today. You will find a multitude of types of bikini, which range from low exposure towards the extremely exposing thong designs. Probably most current design that’s gaining interest rapidly, is the Mini Swimsuit or the Micro Bikini.
Dayana naturally the 2009 cover model
The actual Mini Swimsuit is actually fairly personal informative, it’s a really small swimsuit meant to provide an incredibly reduced protection appear. They often contain the chain kind of swimsuit having a thong design base along with a triangle mug best having a chain connect in the back again, whenever put on correctly the actual mini swimsuit could be a spectacular appear! They’re for that braver ladies that do not thoughts attempting a brand new bold style design, however they are actually broadly recognized also it might good in order to put on whenever sunbathing inside your backyard in your own home or even in your favorite seaside!

Mini sexy bikinis will also be excellent with regard to sunbathing, since it reduces suntan outlines and provide a fairly actually suntan throughout. This really is most likely the reason why it’s getting probably the most well-liked types of swim wear these days. Rumour offers this these people descends from the actual seashores associated with South america exactly where ladies accustomed to proceed their own regular sexy bikinis as well as tuck all of them within whenever sunbathing to find the greatest suntan they might, that is whenever somebody considered the concept to create a small protection match rather. Then they captured upon all around the seashores within Rio De Janeiro as well as had been quickly to become probably the most well-liked designs, everybody knows South america to become among the pattern environment locations within swim wear style, therefore all of those other globe adopted match fairly rapidly.

Buying the Mini Swimsuit these days is fairly simple the majority of traditional stores which share swim wear will often have a few Mini Sexy bikinis within their selection. Otherwise there’s a good amount of all of them on the internet, it is simple to look for a design for you personally, when i state there isn’t 1 arranged type of Mini Swimsuit all of them are available in various size and shapes. There are numerous various colors, various design covers as well as underside, a few arrive stitched or even along with gems stitched upon.

Advisable if you’re not really as well more comfortable with putting on a complete low-coverage Mini Swimsuit at this time, would be to blend as well as complement tops/bottoms associated with sexy Brazilian bikinis. Lots of stores as well as online retailers provide this method as well as I believe it is a good idea. For instance for those who have bigger bosoms as well as wouldn’t feel at ease putting on the revealing, unsupportive Mini Swimsuit best towards the seaside, then you may blend mini underside having a much more encouraging Halter Neck of the guitar design best rather, or even visa versa.

Perform end up being cautioned although, Mini Sexy bikinis becoming exactly what they’re normally, reduced protection, higher publicity and incredibly exposing bathing suits, don’t depart a lot towards the creativity and don’t conceal a lot. In the event that you will find as well as places you don’t feel at ease regarding, these people will in all probability end up being subjected therefore it’s wise to possess a great waxing or even shaving routine prepared prior to going away inside your brand new Mini Swimsuit. Any kind of surplus fat or even fat may also be upon display therefore participating in the gentle exercise routine a couple weeks or even several weeks prior to swimsuit period may be advisable if you wish to appear truly attractive!

Check out this video for some new swimwear ideas!

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t be delay through Mini Sexy bikinis, an incredible number of ladies worldwide vow through all of them so when put on correct may appear much better than every other design. Why not really get one of these Mini Swimsuit come july 1st and find out if you do not seem like the actual most sexy individual about the seaside!