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The Advantages of One Pieces - Making a Comeback

Given the popularity of bikinis and tankinis in recent years, you’d be forgiven for thinking that one piece swimwear outfits are only to be seen in Olympic swimming pools. However, one piece swimwear designs are experiencing something of a resurgence with many women already wise to the benefits of opting for an all-in-one swimming costume.

Lidia One Piece

Traditionally, one piece swimwear came in plain designs, drab patterns and unflattering ruffles and skirts. They were the fail safe fallback for women wanting to hide love handles or unsightly stomachs. In contrast two piece bikinis grew bigger in popularity and smaller in coverage.

However, like their two piece counterparts, one piece swim suits can be flattering on all body shapes. Now available in an ever increasing range of stylish designs, a one piece swimming costume is the ideal option for women wanting to make a stylish entrance on to the beach yet remain modestly covered up.

One piece swimwear can be just as sexy as a bikini and arguably even more so. Cut-out one piece swim suits are particularly popular, perhaps due to the ‘tease’ factors with the cut-outs strategically placed on key area’s of a woman’s body: hips, lower back, stomach and bust areas. Cut-out bikinis offer the sexiness of a traditional bikini but still offer reassuring coverage.

Today’s all-in-one swim suits can be particularly daring and flirtatious. Plunging necklines and high leg cuts on one piece swimwear allows women the opportunity to show off their best assets, be it long legs or bust line, whilst covering up areas of the body they are not as confident

When picking out your perfect one piece swimwear outfit, there are a few rules you should follow to ensure a flattering result:

Opt for a swimming costume with underwire support - for a flattering and comfortable look you need to ensure your bust if fully supported. There are many swim suits with a built in underwire system designed for the full busted woman.

Choose the right colour and pattern - when buying an all-in-one, your aim is to pick an outfit that enhances your curves and assets. Some patterns can end up taking attention away from your curves so be sure to try on a variety of designs and styles.

Ensure the costume fits perfectly - your one piece outfit should be fitted all over with no material bunching up around the stomach. The key benefit of an all-in-one swim suit is that it clings to your curves giving the illusion of a hourglass figure, so be sure to take advantage of this by opting for a properly fitted costume.

One piece swimwear costumes are definitely back in fashion. With an increasing variety of designs on offer, all-in-one outfits no longer lose out to bikinis on the sexiness scale. When choosing your ideal one piece, be sure to take heed of key rules to help you pick the most flattering outfit for you. Whichever swim wear choice you eventually opt for, the secret to looking good in it is confidence in yourself.

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