Bikinis and Swimwear
All you need to know about Brazilian bikinis

Just as the name suggests, Brazilian bikinis originated from Brazil. Before they gained global recognition, this swimwear is mainly worn by women on the beaches of Brazil. They have since gained widespread popularity in Europe and Latin America, where the society is more permissive to nudity. Brazilian bikinis can be classified in two broad categories. There are the authentic Brazilian bikinis bought in Brazil and similar versions in other countries. The traditional Brazilian bikinis sit higher up your waist than the other versions and show significantly much more of your butt.

Before purchasing any type of bikini you have to consider several factors. The most crucial thing is that you pick something you will not feel embarrassed to wear. There is no point in wearing a Brazilian bikini if it makes you feel trashy. These bikini bottoms and top cuts are very skimpy, and you need to be very careful before donning one; especially if you are overweight or have marks and scars around your behind area. Brazilian bikinis come in a variety of colors and styles. Some might have ornamentation or ties. Choose what you think best brings out your personality and style.

Unlike thongs and G-strings, Brazilian bikini bottoms do not expose the behind entirely. To get a clearer picture, try to imagine something between a G-string and a normal or American bikini. Of all the bikini types in the market today, this variety of bikinis offers the least coverage of your bottom. There are basically three types of Brazilian bikini bottoms; tanga, asa delta and fio delta. The asa delta almost resembles a thong and covers very little compared to the tanga. The fio delta looks like the size of dental floss as it moves slowly between the wearer’s buttocks.

Just like the bottom cuts, Brazilian bikini tops cover very little flesh. These bikini tops come in three varieties; bandeau, halter and triangle. The bandeau resembles an elastic tube and is worn through the head up to the chest area. This type has no ties at the back or neck. The triangle type is scanty and covers a smaller portion of the breasts. It is made up of the ties and two cup shapes that cover the breasts. The halter is made of more fabric and is cinched near the neck area to ensure that the bosom does not fall out of the suit.

Wearing this type of bikini requires a woman to have an enormous amount of self-confidence and belief. If you are not confident enough of your body, then wear these bikinis only for sunbathing or in private. You have to remember that whichever type you choose, Brazilian bikinis cover the least amount of your flesh. Add that to the option of having a see-through fabric bikini and very little can be left to the viewer’s imagination. To be on the safe side, before going to a public place or beach, always carry with you an extra regular bikini if your Brazilian type is off-limits.