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Micro Bikinis

Micro bikini is a common swimwear and beachwear in most of the western countries especially during summer seasons. A micro bikini is an ultra skimpy bathing suit that is worn as swimwear or during beach parties. The clothing is designed to cover a very small part of the skin leaving the major part of the body exposed. In fact some of the designs are very sparse and are not allowed to be worn on public beaches in some countries especially in Africa and Asia where people are very observant of their traditions.

Micro bikini

It is therefore illegal to wear a micro bikini in the countries where nude sunbathing is not allowed. However, it is worth noting that micro bikinis were first introduced in the 1970s as response to laws in some countries that banned nude sunbathing on public beaches. They were introduced to cover only what the law defined as nudeness and nothing more.

Micro bikinis are available in different design for both women and men. In most cases, a micro bikini for women constitute of only two tiny pieces of fabric to cover the nipples and a skimpy, low cut thong bottom. On the other hand, a micro bikini for men constitutes of a small fabric to cover the bottom and a small pouch-like upfront to cover the genitals. For those who are bold enough to expose almost all parts of their bodies while swimming or in the beach, there are some micro bikinis that are even skimpier and instead of having strips of cloth, they are made up of a thin fishing wire or other nearly invisible materials that hold small pieces of fabric together. Some micro bikini designs do not even cover the genitalia. They are so tiny and so low cut in the front that the wearers expose their private parts. Some of the micro bikinis are transparent and one can see through. Some male micro bikinis are more like “socks” that are designed to cover and hold the male genitalia in a form and fitting-fashion.

Micro bikinis are currently a common swimwear among the young adults who are bold enough to expose their great body looks. For those who wear them, majority point out that micro bikini is suitable especially for sun baths and allows an individual to expose all body the parts to the sunlight. They are romantic and appropriate for lovers and those in honeymoons. Common wearers of micro bikinis include model, celebrities, movie stars and other young adults with great body looks. It is worth noting that other than during swimming and beach parties, micro bikinis have also currently worn during body building competitions. Most of the bodybuilders wear micro bikini swimsuits in order to show off as much of their muscles as possible. Currently there are many companies that have specialized in the manufacture of bikinis and one can buy a micro bikini in most of the stalls selling swimsuits and beachwear. Additionally, some manufacturers provide more tailor made services to their customers and one can book his/her micro bikini and have it shipped to his/her residence. Micro bikinis are pocket friendly and prices vary depending on the design and the fabric used.

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